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Leonardo DiCaprio attends a red carpet event wearing a tux. The background is a blur of paparazzi.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s New Initiative to “Re:wild” the Earth Pledges $43 Million to Save the Galápagos Islands

Leonardo DiCaprio has announced a new initiative to “Re:wild” the Earth. Together with non-profit Global Wildlife Conservation where he’s a founding board member, the Hollywood star and environmentalist is bringing together wildlife experts, platforms and indigenous voices from over 50 countries to not only protect existing wildlife but also reintroduce lost animal species to various…

The new plaque at Australia' Zoo's Wildlife Hospital

Russell Crowe and John Oliver Help Save Koalas From Chlamydia

Just when you thought Russell Crowe‘s ‘Art of Divorce’ auction couldn’t possibly get any better, IT DOES! Not only did ‘Last Week Tonight’ host John Oliver buy a bunch of his stuff (like the jockstrap from Cinderella Man and a vest from Les Mis) for one of the last remaining Blockbuster video stores in Alaska…now we’ve learned that the money Russell received…