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And Just Like That…. Aidan Shaw is Back!

Well, well, well. After lots of talk that John Corbett would be reprising his role as Aidan Shaw in Just Like That, the Sex and the City spinoff on HBO Max, it’s finally happening!

The show’s Insta page shared a series of photos of Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw and John as Aidan, holding hands while power walking down a street, both dressed very stylishly of course.

“Shh. Don’t tell anyone,” the caption reads.

The last time we saw Aidan’s character on screen was way, way, way back when the Sex and the City 2 movie was released (2010!). Carrie and Aidan crossed paths at a souk in Abu Dhabi, had dinner together despite both of them being married to other people and Aidan having children – and they even shared a kiss.

This latest reunion has been a long time coming with fans desperately hoping Aidan would turn up in the first season of And Just Like That. (We saw Mr. Big but no Aidan!)

SJP commented on the post adding her own cheeky “Shhh.”

Meanwhile actor Cynthia Nixon who plays Miranda reposted the pics, captioning it “Miranda was always Team Aidan.”

We don’t know how or why Aidan will show up just yet, but we know he’ll be there. And just like that, we can’t wait for Season 2.

(Feature Image Credit: courtesy HBO Max via @justlikethatmax/Instagram)

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