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Dan Levy smiles at a red carpet event. He wears his signature thick framed black glasses and a floral blue and white shirt.

Dan Levy To Fold In The Cheese With A New Cooking Show

Dan Levy has created a new show called The Big Brunch and as a lover of both Dan Levy and big brunches (in no particular order), I CANNOT wait!

The Schitt’s Creek star will also host the show on HBO Max, which will see chefs compete for the chance to make their business dreams a reality.

If it’s anything like the ‘fold in the cheese’ scene from Schitt’s Creek then it’s sure to be a scream…

“Everybody has a friend, a family member, or a co-worker that is extraordinary at what they do, they just need a leg up so that their talents can be appreciated on a larger scale,” the Emmy-winner said in a statement.

“Thanks to an almost obsessive love of food, I’ve been lucky enough to come across many of those people in the culinary world – friends working out of cafes or food trucks, revolutionising the menus at local diners – those special humans who create communities around their cooking, hoping to take their skills to the next level.”


“I created this show for them, the local culinary heroes of America who deserve a spotlight. That, and who doesn’t want to watch maple syrup being poured slowly over a golden stack of perfectly cooked, creme brulee-inspired French toast?”

Umm, yes please.

HBO Max says it’s the next step in their effort to find undiscovered voices and Head of Original Content Sarah Aubrey says Dan is the best foodie for the job.

“What we love about this special show is that it serves more than mouth-watering culinary delicacies; it’s about heart, a love of cooking and spotlighting talent whose unique skills elevate the beloved brunch menu,” she said.

No word yet on when it will be released.
(Feature Image Credit: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock)

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