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‘Heartstopper’ Renewed For Two More Seasons!

Netflix has announced they’ll be releasing not one but two further seasons of Heartstopper – so yay to more of Nick, Charlie, Elle, Tao, Tara, Darcy and Tori!

The LGBTQ+ series, which debuted in April this year and has spread nothing but wholesomeness and messages of inclusivity, has been an instant global hit but fans had been worried, given Netflix’s recent streak of cancelling awesome shows (ahem, Gentified), that this one might slip through too.

But, no! They’ve delivered!


“To those who have fallen in love with Nick & Charlie, cried watching Alice Oseman’s magical story brought to life, or felt represented for the first time on-screen,  I am elated to announce… Heartstopper has been renewed for TWO MORE SEASONS,” the streaming service posted on Twitter.

Oseman, the show’s creator also shared the news with a drawing of Nick and Charlie:


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And the cast have been celebrating the happy announcement too:


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No details have been revealed about the upcoming plot and we don’t have a release date yet either. For now, we’re just going to enjoy the fact that the gang will be back, eventually.

(Feature Image Credit: Netflix)

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