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Netflix Confirms Fifth & Final Season of ‘You’

It’s happening! A fifth and final season of the hit thriller You starring Penn Badgley has been confirmed by Netflix.

Posting the news on social media, the streaming service writes: “Brace yourself for Joe Goldberg’s final chapter” leaving us all wondering whether the infamous killer will finally get his judgment day after THAT season four ending.

They also released a short teaser with footage of Joe wearing his signature cap, staring eerily at the camera and his voiceover saying “Goodbye, You.”

Peter Friedlander, Netflix’s Vice President of Scripted Series in the U.S. and Canada shares in a statement: “We’re excited – and a bit terrified – to see how it all ends for Joe Goldberg, but one thing is for sure: ‘You’ are in for an unforgettable ending.”

Details about production and exact release dates haven’t been revealed just yet but Netflix has confirmed the final season is coming in 2024!

(Feature Image Credit: courtesy Netflix)

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