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Sandra Oh smiles at a red carpet event. She wears a strapless black dress and a black necklace with colourful stones hanging off it.

Sandra Oh to Star in New Netflix Show “The Chair”

We recently heard that Sandra Oh would not be making any appearances in Season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy. But it’s okay people, we may not need that crash cart after all because she’s going to be delighting us in a new show coming out on Netflix later this year!

The talented actress who took Dr Cristina Yang to icon status will star in The Chair, as Ji-Yoon Kim, a Korean-American professor at a prestigious uni who becomes the first woman and person of colour appointed to chairperson of its English department.


In an interview with the LA Times’ “Asian Enough” podcast, Sandra urged her fans to watch the new series:

“Come see the characters that I’m playing that are much more deeply integrated in…the Asian American experience.”

She also took to social media to share a snippet from the “Pembroke Daily”, a student newspaper from The Chair which hilariously reads:

“The Pembroke Daily would like to take a moment to welcome Professor Ji-Yoon Kim to her new title and welcome the English Department to the 21st Century. Some may say 179 years is too late, but we say it’s better late than never!”


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So when can we binge this six-part series? August 27. Lock it in your diaries!

(Feature Image Credit: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com)

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