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Busy Philipps Speaks Out Against Anti-Abortion Laws

“Maybe you’re sitting there thinking ‘I don’t know a woman who would have an abortion.’ Well, you know me. I had an abortion when I was 15 years old, and I’m telling you this because I am genuinely really scared for women and girls all over this country.” – Busy Philipps 

There are a lot of people cheering for Busy Philipps today after she bravely used her platform to stand up for women’s abortion rights.

Appearing on her late night TV program, Busy Tonight, she not only opened up about her own abortion experience as a teenager (side note: if you’re a true Busy fan like me, you would’ve already read about this in her book) but also spoke out against a bill which has passed in the state of Georgia banning abortions as soon as doctors can detect a heartbeat.

“Every woman deserves compassion and care,” Busy says. “Not judgement and interference when it comes to their own bodies.”

What the bill means is that women will not be able to have an abortion from as early as six weeks of pregnancy in the state of Georgia – which, if you think about it, is really only two weeks after your expected period date. A ridiculously small window of choice.

In a follow up post today, Busy says “I know that women and their doctors are in the best position to make informed decisions about what is best for them. Nobody else.”

Georgia is the 6th U.S state to pass such a bill. Alabama looks set to pass a law that would jail doctors for performing abortions, even if the pregnancy was caused by rape or incest. And there are still more states which are likely to pass similar anti-abortion laws.

Busy is hoping that by speaking up, she will encourage others to share their stories and get more people talking about the importance of having a choice.

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