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Celebrating The Middle-Aged Woman: The Red Table Talk With Salma Hayek You Can’t Miss!

Hollywood superstar Salma Hayek is the latest guest on Red Table Talk and let me tell you friends, this may just be the best episode yet. 

The 30-minute Facebook Watch show, hosted by multi-generational queens, Jada Pinkett-Smith, daughter Willow and Adrienne “Gammy” Norris, is always good to be honest – but this one is a particularly empowering and uplifting take on womanhood, friendship and growing old in a world that gives so little worth to the ageing woman.

“There is no expiration date for women. You can kick ass at any age. You can hold your own at any age. You can dream at any age. You can be romantic at any age. We have the right to be loved for who we are at the place that we are,” Salma tells the women who cheer and nod along to her every word.


And you know what? She’s not wrong.

At 54, Salma is currently starring in The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard as infamous, international con-artist Sonia Kincaid, a role she says was supposed to portray a woman in her 40s.

“But the truth is that I said why? Let’s make it a woman in her 50s and I think we should make it about her having to do all this action while she’s going through menopause,” Salma explains.

“And we had to convince some people but they were like, do we have to say the word? And I said, it doesn’t matter about words. What matters is that we go through it.”


She even gets candid about her own experience with menopause from her first initial doctor’s appointment where they asked her whether she had a moustache and a beard to her breasts growing significantly and giving her back pain.

The women also discuss the strong friendship between Jada and Salma, motherhood or as Salma puts it, “learning to get out of the way” so kids can be themselves and the deep sense of gratitude that comes with ageing.

“Power to the middle-aged woman,” Salma beams at the end to rounds of applause and cheering.

Watch the full, glorious 30-minute chat below:

(Feature Image Credit: Red Table Talk/Facebook Watch)

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