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Christie Brinkley and Sailor Brinkley-Cook celebrating her 21st. (photo: @christiebrinkley/Instagram)

Christie Brinkley Shares Birth Story on Daughter Sailor’s 21st

Everyone has a birth story, don’t they? Sometimes they’re good. Sometimes they’re bad. Not sure which one Christie Brinkley’s would fall into but we’re glad she can laugh about it now!

The supermodel mum has been posting social media messages marking her daughter Sailor Brinkley-Cook’s 21st birthday. Among the dazzling photos of the look-alike pair, a caption about Sailor’s first moments in the world:


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“Sailor had her first big adventure in the first minute of her life! As the Doctor handed her to me for her first hug….the bottom half of the table we were on broke…turning our bed into a slide!!!!” Christie writes.

If you’re jaw has dropped to the floor at this point and you’re wondering how on earth they could’ve possibly come out of THAT ok – you can relax. Sounds like, super-mum Christie handled it all very well:

“I held tight to my baby girl as we slid off right onto the Doctor!” Christie continues. “Talk about comedic timing and a memorable first entrance!”


Christie has also shared these adorable childhood pics of Sailor:


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“And just like that my little sunflower is 21!” she writes in another post.

Happy Birthday Sailor!


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