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Lilly SIngh's empowering message for International Women's Day (Photo:@lilly/Instagram)

Lilly Singh’s Powerful Message for International Women’s Day

We know late night talk-show host Lilly Singh is all about the sisterhood. And on International Women’s Day, she certainly did not disappoint.

The comedian and YouTube sensation has posted an empowering message on Instagram reminding us that if we really want to see change in the world, we need to be lifting up those around us as well as those we’ve never met.

Wait a minute. How does that work, you ask?

Here’s how Lilly explains it:

“For one, I am honoured, thrilled and beyond proud to be a woman and celebrate #internationalwomensday,” she begins.

“On the other hand, I am disheartened that it isn’t everyday. When you have equal opportunity, you don’t need a special day because everyday is your day,” Lilly continues.

“Here’s to us working together to make that world a reality. Not just for me, or your mother, or sister, but for those girls around the world that don’t have the privilege of scrolling through Instagram right now.”

There it is: remembering those who don’t have the things we take for granted.

Because yes, we also have obstacles in our way. But there are millions of other girls and women who have even more obstacles in their way.  And we can’t leave them behind.

Lilly ends by wishing her “sisterhood and allies” a happy International Women’s Day: “You make me proud. You inspire me. I am better because of you.”

So are we Lilly!

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