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Thandiwe Newton attends a red carpet event. She has black hair that's tied back in a ponytail and wears an off the shoulder white dress with vibrant red lipstick.

Thandiwe Newton Reclaims Correct Spelling of Her Name

For more than three decades, she’s graced our screens and magazines. She’s won various accolades for her supreme talent including an Emmy award and a BAFTA and she’s consistently used her platform to advocate for women of colour and survivors of sexual assault.

But that entire time, we’ve all been spelling her name incorrectly.


It’s Thandiwe Newton, not “Thandie” which is how she was credited in her first ever role – and every role since.

In a powerful interview with British Vogue, Thandiwe opens up about her personal development over the years, how her experiences have shaped who she is today – and how she’s now reclaiming the correct spelling of her name.

“That’s my name. It’s always been my name. I’m taking back what’s mine,” she tells journalist Diana Evans.

From the article we learn that Thandiwe is the daughter of a “Zimbabwean princess and a lab technician from Cornwall” who named her “Thandiwe, meaning beloved in Shona.”

And yes, she’s now @thandiwenewton on Insta.

“THANK YOU! Thank you for supporting this cover and showing Black girls that they can be icons,” Thandiwe shared on her page after the interview was released.

“They already are. I hope this helps my darlings – I got you xxxx,” she continues.

And speaking of journalist Diana Evans who conducted the interview, Thandiwe writes, “She has helped restore something very important – even beyond my name. Thank you Diana. From the bottom of my heart.”


What’s equally beautiful is the response to the interview, which also covers Thandiwe’s incredible career and her own experiences of being a survivor.

“What a thrill to see your full, glorious Zulu name up in lights. Congratulations,” shared film critic Guy Lodge.

“She has risen,” posted fellow Westworld actress Shannon Woodward.

But it was one of  Thandiwe’s daughters that really got us cheering: According to a tweet by the actress, her 16-year-old daughter read the Vogue article, put it down and said “You’re the baddest bitch.”

Read the full, brilliant article by Diana Evans HERE. 

(Feature Image Credit: Andrea Raffin/Shutterstock.com)

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