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2 photos side by side of Mariah Carey and Jennifer Hudson smiling at separate press events.

Mariah Carey & Jennifer Hudson Praise Each Other’s Grace & Kindness

Don’t be fooled by the tabloids who pit women against each other and tear them down. When you look closely, women are cheering each other on and lifting each other up all the time. Like EGOT-winning Jennifer Hudson and music icon Mariah Carey

You see, the Queen of Christmas recently appeared as a guest on Jennifer’s talkshow, The Jennifer Hudson Show, where they spoke about all sorts of things like what Mariah would be doing with her life if she hadn’t become a singer (she hilariously replied, a “hot mess”), the most casual item of clothing in her closet (“some hideous slides someone made me buy”) and how she doesn’t actually have a driver’s license.

And amongst all the hilarity was a beautiful moment where Jennifer stopped to acknowledge something we don’t talk about enough – Mariah’s heart:

“I think you are one of the most gentle spirits I have ever met in this industry, and people, just period,” she says before turning to her audience. “She’s so gracious, she’s such a sweet human being and like, thoughtful, compassionate about everyone.”


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At this point, Mariah jumps in and says “and that’s what you are. That’s why you can even notice that in somebody else… it’s true. The industry we’re in, whew!”

“It can be tough,” Jennifer agrees. “I’m grateful that I have you as an example I can look up to and to get inspiration from.”

After their sweet moment, Jennifer presented Mariah with The Jennifer Hudson Show’s “Legend Award” – a dazzling golden microphone – as a ‘thank you’ for being such an inspiration for so many.

“Through your craft, through your person, through your musical legacy,” Jennifer said. “We love you. You’re a legend.”

Queens supporting queens!

(Feature Image Credit: Lev Radin/ Shutterstock.com)

Nehal is an award-winning news presenter, author of "A Kids Book About Kindness Online" and founder of CelebrityKind. She has dedicated her career to creating connected and healthy spaces in the media. When she's not writing, you'll find Nehal hanging with family, dancing to Beyoncé, interpreting Taylor Swift lyrics or watching old eps of Oprah.